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Editable Payment Plan is an Advanced Feature. A deep functional knowledge about Openbravo is required to use it.

Especially it is important to understand how Openbravo manages the invoice's payment plan

Before using this functionality it is recommended to contact with our support team.

The "Editable Payment Plan" feature allows to edit and change an invoice payment plan if the invoice is not fully paid.

In Openbravo an invoice is fully paid if all the invoice's payment plan line does have a payment made or received related.

This feature also supports the removal of not paid payment plan lines therefore new payment plan lines can be created.
This action is useful if an outstanding payment plan line amount need to be split into two lines having a different expected payment date for instance.

This feature is an advanced feature which needs to be unhidden as described in the invoice's payment plan article of the User Guide.

Warning.png   This functionality is not supported by Remittance Module

Editable Payment Plan

An invoice's payment plan can be edit and therefore changed by using the button Modify Payment Plan.
This button can be found once unhidden in the Payment Plan tab of the sales invoice window and in the Payment Plan tab of the purchase invoice window.

EditablePaymentPlan SalesInvoice.png

"Modify Payment Plan" button opens a new window which list the not "totally" paid invoice's payment plan lines which therefore can be edit and changed.


As shown in the image above, some relevant fields to note of the payment plan lines are:

Payment Plan Lines modification

The invoice's payment plan lines not fully paid can be modified by double click on the line to be edit and changed.

The payment plan line data which can be changed is:

If any of these requisitions are not met, the application will inform about it as shown in the image below.
It will not be possible to submit the new payment plan until all the restrictions are met.

ModifyPaymentPlan Error.png

Payment Plan Lines deletion/creation

The Payment Plan lines can be deleted by using the "Delete" icon at the left of each line.

New payment plan lines can be added by using the [Add New] option at the bottom, by having into account below detailed restrictions:

If any of these requisitions are not met, the application will inform about it as shown in the image above
It will not be possible to submit the new payment plan until all the restrictions are met.

Editable Payment Plan example

Let's take a sales invoice having three payment plan lines as configured in the corresponding payment term linked to it.
The payment method used in this invoice requires an additional step to be executed for instance the recording of a check number.

The objective of this example is to collect all what is remaining to be paid of each line into a new payment plan line due at the beginning of December 2012.

Overall the invoice's expected amount is 83.00 USD and the invoice's outstanding amount is 63.00 USD.

EditablePaymentPlan Example1 OK.png

The current status of each sales invoice's payment plan line is:

EditablePaymentPlan Example2.png

The button "Submit" transfers the new payment plan to the payment plan tab of the invoice as shown in the image below:

EditablePaymentPlan Example3 OK.png

Please note that the invoice's payment plan can be changed more than once if required by using once again the button "Modify Payment Plan"

The sales invoice in the example will turn into as fully paid:

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