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Same applies to payments that failed during the execution process due to a paper jam or any other problem occurred due to a connection failure.

There are some mandatory filtering options:

Note that the payment method/s used while receiving/making the corresponding payment/s requires a "deferred" automatic execution process configured while being assigned and configured for a given Financial Account.

and some other available filters such as:

Once the process button "Search" is press the payments to execute are shown.

Payment Execution.png

Once the process button "Process" is press a new window is displayed to allow the user to enter the input parameters required such as the check number for instance if the execution process selected in the payment method used was "Print Check simple process".

Payment Execution Execute.png

Once the process button "Execute" is press the payment changes its status to either "Payment Made/Payment Received" or "Withdrawal not Cleared/Deposit not Cleared", therefore the next payment can be processed and therefore executed.

Payment Execution 2.png

Note that several payments can be selected to be executed grouped in the same payment run.

Payment Execution Multiple.png

If that is the case more than one payment for the same business partner can be paid by the same check number.

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