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Welcome to the Openbravo 3 User Guide.

This user oriented document has been designed with the aim of guiding you through the process of learning Openbravo 3.

Openbravo 3 User Interface

If this is the first time you take a look into Openbravo, this is the right place to get valuable information which will help you at the time you first use Openbravo, as this part gives an overview of the navigation, grid and form editing, tabs, filtering and interface customization.

If Openbravo is not new for you, you will discover new user interface capabilities which will make your daily work activities much more efficient

Openbravo 3 User Interface

Business Flows

This part lists and briefly explains a set of business flows.

There are several key business areas such as planning, procurement, inventory, sales etc., which can be present in an organization or not depending on the nature of its business.
Those key business areas are related between each others, which leads us to the definition of the business flows.

To put us in context, each business flow is listed and briefly explained below:

Each of above listed business flow is explained in deep within the Openbravo application area where it can be executed.

Common Concepts & Processes

Openbravo 3 has been designed to allow an easy and intuitive way of working.
This approach implies that many concepts and process are common ones, therefore are present all along Openbravo.

This section lists and describes Openbravo concepts and processes with the aim of avoiding that the same concept or process is explained more than once.

Common Concepts & Processes

Openbravo Application Areas

Openbravo is split into different application areas. Each area is represented by a separate folder accessible from the Application menu in the top navigation screen area:


Each business area includes separates folders:

Therefore this section of the User Guide details:

each Openbravo application area within the corresponding business flow.

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