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This report is commonly launched at the end of the period prior to the preparation of the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement, however Openbravo allows to launch it at any point in time to check that debits equals credits.

In Openbravo terms, the "Trial Balance" shows for a given Organization and General Ledger:

At the end of the report the total sum of debits must be equal to the total sum of credits.


As shown in the screen above it is possible to enter below data before launching the Trial Balance.

Under the Primary Filters section it is possible to specified:

The Advanced filters is a collapsible section which can be shown by clicking on it. Under this section it is possible to specified:

Those ones are the Account Tree Elements.
"Subaccount" is the value set by default regardless it can be changed if required.
The reason why is because subaccount is the element which helps to check that the total amount of debits is equal to the total amount of credits for every subaccount of the account tree.
Also, the selection of this value allows to:
1. select other "Dimensions" such as the "Business Partner", the "Product" and the "Project". These dimensions are recorded while posting transaction to the ledger and the transactions can be posted to the ledger through the subaccounts
2. Select “Goupy By” value to have more information about that option. Values are "Business Partner", "Product", "Project" and “Cost Center”
3. select "Include Zero Figures" flag which allows to display all subaccounts even those which holds zero figures.

Once all the data above has been properly filled in the "Search" process button shows the results in the same window.

An example of the output of the report is:


This report can also be shown in:

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