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The aim of this process is to massively fix accounting errors due to a not proper accounting configuration.
For instance a vendor liability account wrongly assigned to a vendor (in the vendor accounting tab of the Business Partner window) which makes that the posting of all the purchase invoices of that vendor to the ledger is not correct.

As shown in the image above the "Reset Accounting" process allows to:

In both cases the "Delete existing Accounting Entries" checkbox needs to be selected.

The reset accounting process also allows to reset the accounting transactions set as "Disable for Accounting" to "Posted" = No, therefore the Accounting Server Process if scheduled can take them once again to get them automatically posted.
In this case the "Delete existing Accounting Entries" checkbox does not have to be selected.

Let's take for instance a supplier which never asked for a prepayment but at a given point in time due to whatever kind of reason. It could happen that the prepayment transaction can not be posted in the Payment Out window because a Vendor Prepayment account was not configured by mistake.

In that case the prepayment transaction is set to "Document Disable for Accounting" as shown in the image below:

Document Disable Accounting.png

At that moment it is possible to assign a "Vendor Prepayment" account to the vendor and get the transaction shown above manually posted to the ledger.
However it is also possible to fix this kind of situation as explained below if the accounting server process is scheduled:

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