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ManualDoc:Procure To Pay

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Procure to Pay workflow manages the life-cycle of a procure process and addresses strategic as well as operational relationship with the external suppliers of the Company.
This workflow is primarly executed within Openbravo Procurement Management application area.

A "Procure to Pay" workflow can be split into below briefly explained main sub-processes:

  1. Requisition to receipt - this stage starts by the creation and management of formal requisitions of items needed by the Company, which end in the booking of a purchase order/s and the delivery of the items requested.
  2. Supplier Invoice to payment - the supplier/s sends the invoice/s for the items delivered, which should be paid by the Company on timely manner

Requisition to receipt

The abstract "Requisition to Receipt" business process is defined by the following diagram, and can be summarized in the steps listed below:


(to be reviewed)

Roles Involved

The following roles are involved within this process:

Supplier Invoice to Payment

The abstract "Supplier Invoice to Payment" business process is defined by the following diagram, which can be summarized in these steps:

(to be created)

Roles Involved

The following roles are involved within this process:

Relationship with other Business Flows

"Procure to Pay" business flow is fully integrated with below listed business flows:

Supplier Returns
As the items or goods received could be sent back to the supplier if needed.

Accounts Payables Management
As the finance department needs to have up to date and reliable data about accounts payable as its disposal.

Inventory Accuracy
Due to the fact that the inventory must always be up to date and correctly valued.

Because the purchase planning must allow the creation of purchase orders based on material necessities, keeping in mind minimum stock levels, goods receipts dates, and pending items request.

Please follow Procurement Management application area to understand how Procure to Pay business flow is executed in Openbravo.

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