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Every Financial Account can have more than one payment method assigned, payment methods such as "Check", "Wire Transfer", "Cash".

The fact of assigning a payment method or a set of payment methods to a given financial account means that it is possible to manage through a given financial account only those payments linked to any of the payment methods assigned to that financial account.

Payment Methods are created and configured in the Payment Method window. Once created and configured there can be assigned to a financial account in this tab. The way to do that is:

In this tab there is the advanced feature (hidden by default) called invoice paid status control, this functionality provide a configuration option to be able to decide which status for each payment determines an invoice is paid or not. For additional information about How to Configure Invoice Paid Status Control visit the article.

This combo can be set at payment method level (payment in and payment out) in each financial account. By default this combo is set as payment received or payment made, therefore we get the usual behavior of Openbravo.

For additional information about payment method configuration, visit the Payment Method article.

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