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A requisition with status "Completed" can always be changed, if required.
As always the way to do that is to get it first reactivated and then changed and booked.

It is also possible to close a requisition in case there is not need of the item/s it includes anymore, by using the menu button "Close" and then select the action "Close".
Requisition lines status will then be changed to "Cancelled".

Finally, it is also possible to create purchase orders for those requisitions in status "Complete", by using the menu button "Create Purchase Order".

ManageRequisition CreatePurchaseOrder.png

This time, a new window is shown for you to fill in some data by taking into account that:

Openbravo informs about the purchase order/s number/s created after pressing OK button in the "Create Purchase Order" window.
This action links the requisition and the purchase order, and besides a purchase order line is created for each requisition line:

Any purchase order created from a Requisition:

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