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There are different type of data left to be entered or changed for an organization:

Inherited Information

This field group is collapse by default with following read only fields.

Above fields are automatically fetched and set with proper values when setting organization as ready.

An organization can have only one general ledger configuration assigned unless:

  1. the organization has its own one and besides inherits another one from its parent organization
  2. or if the advanced general ledger configuration feature is enabled at system level.

The way to allow an organization to have more than one general ledger configuration assigned is described below:

Food & Beverage (F&B) sample client shipped with Openbravo illustrates scenario 1 above:

The tree action button Icon.png allows to drag and drop an organization within an enterprise model, whenever it is NOT "Set as Ready".

"Set as Ready" process takes into account below list of requirements per organization type:

Once an organization is set as ready:

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