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Field "Days To Password expiration" allow the user to set a day limit during which a password may be valid for users. The limit will be reset every time a user changes his password.

The value of the field determine day limit during which, a password must be valid for users:

Setting the value will apply the configuration to all Users on that Client.

Bulbgraph.png   The field "Days To Password expiration" and the related behaviour is available from 16Q2 version.

A relevant fields to note is the "Central Maintenance" check-box under the section "Accounting Dimensions".

This checkbox if selected allows to configure that the Client centrally maintains key accounting dimensions such as "Organization", "Business Partner" or "Cost Center", therefore the configuration set in here is shared by all the organizations of the client.

New Clients created by running the Initial Client Setup process are created as "Centrally Maintained" by default with the mandatory accounting dimensions (Organization, Business Partner, Product) selected.
The organizations of the Client which require to have additional dimensions do not listed in here, for instance "Campaign" or "Sales Region" will have to configure them in the Dimension tab of the organization's general ledger configuration.

Existing clients are not set as "Central Maintained" by default because the accounting dimensions which were set are the ones which were configured in the Dimension tab of the corresponding organization's general ledger configuration.
It is now possible to change existing Clients as "Centrally Maintained", this action overrides what is configured for the organization in relation to the accounting dimensions that can be centrally maintain in the Client, those dimensions are:

Mandatory dimensions can be filled in or not depending on the document category being created. For instance "Organization" needs to be always specified in document's header regardless the document being created, however "Business Partner" and "Product" are mandatory dimensions that need to be filled in a purchase invoice but can be filled in a G/L Journal if needed.
Non mandatory dimensions can be filled in or not depending on what's needed and regardless the document being category being created.

Above dimensions are then shown either in the header or/and in the lines of the documents to be post to the ledger within a section named "Dimensions".

Besides, there is a financial report named Accounting Transaction Details which shows every ledger entry of an organization's general ledger detailing every dimension value entered.

It is important to remark that the settings displayed in the client window in both the "Accounting Dimensions" section and in the Dimensions tab is the defaulted configuration provided by Openbravo.
This defaulted configuration is populated from the Dimension Mapping window.

It is always possible to customize the defaulted configuration, for instance:

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