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Each journal line represents an entry in the ledger.

Each journal line needs to have an Account of the organization's general ledger that is the financial mandatory dimension and either a debit or a credit amount.

It is possible to enter other accounting dimensions such as "Product", "Sales Region" or "Campaign" if centrally maintained in the Client and/or if maintained in the Dimension tab of the organization's general ledger configuration.

Once all the journal lines have been entered the total credit amount needs to be equal to the total debit amount therefore the G/L Journal is Balanced and can be post to the ledger.

G/L Item payments creation

Bulbgraph.png   Below explained feature works currently for organizations which do have only one General Ledger configuration in a given currency (i.e USD) while creating a G/L Journal in the same currency as General Ledger currency and Financial Account currency (i.e USD).

It is possible to create:

by selecting the "Open Items" checkbox in the journal line from which the payment needs to be created:

Once done below payment related information needs to be filled in:

Upon completion of the G/L Journal a payment made/received is created and filled in the "Payment" field of the line where the payment related information above described was entered.

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