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As shown in the image above, a price list or a price list version can be created by just entering below relevant informacion:

How this affects the flows?

As an example : If price inclusive of tax is originally 135.50 and rate is 4.5 % then the rounded price before tax would be 129.67

The order line would stay:

Quantity: 1 Net Unit Price: 129.67 Line Net Amount: 129.67 Gross Unit Price: 135.50 Line Gross Amount: 135.50

But the total gross amount (calculated by the system) would be 135.51 (tax base amount:129.67 + tax amount:5.84) and what it has to be clear is that the final result must be 135.50 (The customer bought 1 unit which price is 135.50). This difference is going to be solved adjusting taxes:

The system will adjust the difference summing or subtracting this difference with the tax that has the highest amount. So in this example instead of having a tax line where the amount is 5.84€, the amount will be 5.83€ (5.84-0.01)

So finally the total gross amount for the sales order would be 135.50 (129.67+5.83) which is the desire amount

Due to this (Net amount vs Gross amount) when using prices that include taxes we recommend to work with greater precision (price precision) to avoid rounding differences

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