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Openbravo allows to manage mandatory and not mandatory accounting dimensions to be entered in the Dimensions section of the documents which can be post to the ledger.

Mandatory dimensions can be filled in or not depending on the document category being created. For instance "Business Partner" and "Product" are mandatory dimensions that need to be filled in a purchase invoice but can be filled in a G/L Journal.

There are two "mandatory" dimension at organization's general ledger configuration level which are:

Besides, if an organization belongs to a Client which centrally maintains the accounting dimensions it is possible to add in this tab other dimensions such as the ones listed below which can even set as "mandatory" for the organization:

On the other hand, let's take for instance an organization's general ledger for which below dimensions have been selected in this tab because the organization belongs to a client which does not centrally maintain the accounting dimensions:

Above configuration means that every time that a transaction of any kind (purchase invoice, sales invoice, G/L Journal) is posted to the ledger all the mandatory dimensions above must be entered while there is an option to enter sales region information if any.


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