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These are the steps that must be followed in order to create an inventory count:

1. The Header section identifies the "Physical Inventory" process and lists its main parameters.


All fields are pre-filled in automatically when a new record is created.

Some of the fields to note are:

2. There are 2 ways of entering lines into the physical inventory document:

  1. Automatically, by creating a list of the products available in the warehouse and storage bins defined in the physical inventory header, that fulfill the filtering conditions specified by the Create Inventory Count List button.
  2. Manually, line by line for certain products. This is used whenever only some products need updating.

Create Inventory Count List process can be executed more than once for the same physical inventory. Although lines are created automatically by using the Create Inventory Count List process, this lines can later on be updated manually. Create Inventory Count List filter dialog has the following parameters:


The fields to note are:

Bulbgraph.png   Starting from 23Q3 Physical inventory lines can be exported to a CSV file in order to help with the counting process

In Physical Inventory window there is a button Export CSV that allow to the user export the Physical Inventory lines to a CSV, in order to help with the counting process. The CSV file can be imported afterwards with the updated quantities.


Export CSV process has the following options:

- Create Inventory Count list automatically: this flag is only shown when the Inventory Type is Total. If check the Physical Inventory lines are generated automatically for all products regardless of the stock they have.

- Blind Count: In a blind count the warehouse users don't know the theoretical quantity on hand. So Book Quantity and Quantity Count are exported in blank.


Bulbgraph.png   Starting from 23Q4 Physical inventory lines can be imported from a CSV file in order to help with the counting process


A new button in the toolbar to import the CSV file will be available. In order to manage the roles that have access to this process, the button will be enabled or disabled depending on a new preference “Show Import Store Stock Button”. When the user taps on this button a dialog is displayed in order to upload the file


In this dialog the user should add the file and select the desire option in Import Mode and Import Error Handling.

In case stock in openbravo, but when the counting process is done, there is no stock. There are some options for the user, the user will be select one when import the csv file:

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