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Header lists main terms and conditions related to the sales invoice that will be used in the heading of its printed copy and further in its collection process.

In majority of the cases main (and the only) field needed to create a new sales invoice document is the Business Partner field. All other fields will be pre-filled automatically based on the selected Business Partner, logged in User preferences and other system default parameters.


Some other fields to note are:

Bulbgraph.png   Starting from PR18Q2 "Create Lines From" button is disabled for "Credit Memo" invoice's type to prevent the creation of "Credit Memo" invoice's linked to "Orders" or "Shipments".
Only "Reverse" invoice's type should be related to return "Orders" or "Shipments".
Bulbgraph.png   Starting from PR18Q4 The "Create Lines From" button has been replaced by two different buttons: “Create Lines From Order” and “Create Lines From Shipment”

There are 3 ways of entering lines into the sales invoice, two from the invoice header and the last one from the Lines tab:

  1. Selecting products from pending to be invoiced orders or shipments (meeting Invoice Term criteria of the Sales Order) using the Create Lines From Order and Create Lines From Shipment buttons. These options can be used several times to group several orders and / or shipments in one invoice. This is a most common approach. It is only possible to create lines from Documents that share the same Currency and business partner.
  2. Copying all products from the chosen invoice selected in the history of all invoices for different business partners using the Copy Lines button.
  3. Manually, line by line in the Lines tab. This option is used if the underlying document (Sales Order or Shipment) does not exist in the system prior invoicing takes place.

The Complete button finishes the creation of the invoice document with the fulfillment of the Payment Plan tab and the Payment Monitor section in the Header. If there are non-stockable BOM products in the lines and they have not been exploded, the Complete button will explode them automatically.

Once completed a sales invoice can be:

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