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There is not a way for you to directly create new product transactions in the transactions tab.
Product transactions of any type are automatically saved and listed in this tab as they are booked in Openbravo.

Product Transactions Tab.png

As shown in the image above, Openbravo saves and informs us about below relevant data for each product transaction type:

Openbravo also informs us about the specific:

information of the product transaction, as applicable.

It is also possible to review:

1. the Costing Status of a transaction.

Costing status of a transaction can be any of the ones listed below and has a lot to do with the Costing Background Process:

2. and whether the cost of a transaction has been calculated or not.
As soon as a product transaction gets its cost calculated by the Costing Background Process the field "Is Cost Calculated" gets the value "Yes".

Once the cost of a transaction is calculated you can also view the:

Additionally, "Is Cost Permanent" field informs whether the cost of a transaction is permanent or not. In case it is permanent, it will not be changed anymore.

Finally, it is important to remark that in the case of "Average" cost algorithm, the "average" cost of a product is calculated as "Moving Average" as explained in this wiki article.

The average cost of a product is calculated based on the product's transaction flow, therefore it is the sum or subtraction of the "Total Cost" of the transactions listed for the product, divided by the sum of the "Total Movement Quantity" of the transactions.

For instance the average cost of a product which transactions are listed below is equal to 23.33 = (2000.00-1000.00+2500.00)/(100-50+100):

Manual Cost Adjustment

Additionally, the cost of a transactions can be modify by clicking on Manual Cost Adjustment process button. After clicking this button a new popup is opened:


This pop-up allows entering below detailed data:

For additional information about which cost adjustment is or it is not unit cost, please review this wiki article : Cost Adjustments - Introduction.

Once done a "manual cost correction" cost adjustment will be created.

This cost adjustment can be reviewed and post to the ledger in the Cost Adjustment window.

Same way, this cost adjustment can also be reviewed in the Transaction Cost tab.

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