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Lines list each product to be purchased and its characteristics.

The fields to note are:

As already mentioned purchase expenses can be deferred therefore they are not recognized at the purchase accounting date but within a given number of accounting periods.
When a purchase invoice line is created, it is possible to define at line level, whether the line is going to cause the expense to be deferred. The relevant fields are:

These fields can be defaulted if configured for the product.
If an expense plan is configured that implies a specific purchase invoice accounting.

Explode button is shown when selecting a line with a non-stockable BOM product and the product is not already exploded. When exploding a product, the bill of materials components the selected product consists of are shown in the invoice. Once you have exploded it, you cannot comprime it. You should delete all the lines (first bill of materials components and then the BOM product), and insert again the non-stockable BOM product.

Match LC Cost button is shown when purchase order line contains either an "account" or a "product" setup as landed cost type.

This process button allows to match both the "estimated" landed cost booked in the landed cost window, and the one being invoiced in the invoice line. Both ones needs to be of the very same landed cost type.

Once selected "Match LC Cost" button opens "Match LC Cost" pick and edit window.
Only processed Landed Cost documents will be shown in this Window. It allows to pick the corresponding landed cost, enter an amount to match in the field "Matched Amt", and then select "Process Matching" check-box.
Note that if the "Process Matching" check-box is not selected here, landed cost matching will have to be processed in the landed cost window by using Process Matching button. (See scenario 3).


It is important to remark that the "estimated" landed cost booked in the landed cost window can be of the very same amount than the one being invoiced or not.
"Is matching adjusted" Check-box allows to create an additional landed cost adjustment if checked, in order to add/remove that difference from the product cost.

In Summary:

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