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Purchase order lines can be created in three different ways:

1. By manually creating new record/s in the "Lines" tab.

The purchase order fields you can fill in are described below:

2. By retrieving all the lines from a previously created purchase orders. In this scenario you must use the process button "Copy from Orders".
This process button enables the Copy from Orders Pick and Edit window.

"Copy from Orders Pick and Edit" window allows you to search the orders to copy by using the filter options available.
The lines information of the selected orders will be inserted in the purchase order line/s, then that information can be manually changed anyway.

3. By copying lines from other purchase orders
In this scenario you must use the process button "Copy Lines"
This process button enables a new window named "Copy Lines from order" which allows you to create order lines by selecting the products already purchased from the supplier of the order by taking into account the Consumption days configured for the supplier.

Explode button

Explode button is shown when selecting a line with a non-stockable BOM product and the product has not already been exploded. When exploding a product, the bill of materials components the selected product consists of are shown in the order. Once you have exploded it, you cannot comprime it. You should delete all the lines (first bill of materials components and then the BOM product), and insert again the non-stockable BOM product.

Manage Prereservation pick and execute

Using the Manage Prereservation button is possible to open a pick and execute window to manage the Prereservations related to the Purchase Order line. The grid shows all the Sales Orders pending to deliver that could be served by the stock that will be received in the Purchase Order Line. If the Sales Order wasn't previously reserved a new reservation in Draft status is created for it.


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