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Purchase order header allows you to enter below information:


Once header information is properly filled-in, you can then go to the "Lines" tab in order to enter purchase order line/s information.
To learn how to enter purchase order lines, visit the next section "Lines".

It is possible to take up to three possible actions regarding a purchase order, by using the header button "Book":

If there are non-stockable BOM products and they have not been exploded, the Book button will explode them automatically.

Purchase order prepayment

Once a purchase order is booked, it is possible to prepay an order by using the process button "Add Payment".

Openbravo shows "Add Payment" window.

Purchase Order AddPayment 0.png

Same as described for Purchase Invoice Payment, this window allows to fully or partially prepaid the order created more than once, and even pay other orders and/or invoices at the same time.

It is also possible to add any type of expense related to the payment of that order as a G/L item and even use available credit previously generated for the vendor.

Once all of that is properly fulfilled, the payment can be processed or processed and withdrawn from the financial account.

It is important to remark that the purchase invoice created from the order will inherit the payment done for the order.

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