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There are several ways of creating goods receipt lines.

1.- Warehouse management team can always manually create goods receipt lines.
That's the way warehouse management team could use in case there is no a booked purchase order nor a completed purchase invoice for the goods received, they can retrieve data from.

As a consequence of that, the information to manually fill in is:

Explode button is shown when selecting a line with a non-stockable BOM product and the product has not already been exploded. When exploding a product, the bill of materials components the selected product consists of are shown in the shipment. Once you have exploded it, you cannot comprime it. You should delete all the lines (first bill of materials components and then the BOM product), and insert again the non-stockable BOM product.

GoodsReceipt Lines.png

2.- On the other hand, it is also possible to "automatically" create goods receipt lines, by using the header process button "Create Lines From".
This way allows warehouse team to the select the orders or invoices pending to be received.

GoodsReceipt CreateLinesFrom.png

For instance, once a purchase order is selected the purchase order lines pending to be received are shown.
Then, the warehouse team is able to select the purchase lines received, change the quantity if required and get them located in a storage bin of a warehouse.


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