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As already mentioned every time a new role is created and saved without selecting the "Manual" checkbox, Openbravo automatically fills in all the reports and processes in the Report and Process Access tab.
Above means that the newly create role will have access to every Openbravo report and process.

Process Access Tab.png

Having said that, if the "Manual" checkbox is selected it will be required to manually add a subset of report and process which will be accesible for a given role, or it will be required to automatically add them by using the action process "Grant Access". This process will allow report or process access for a given Openbravo module or area such as Projects, Finance or Sales.

Editable Field checkbox defines if the accessible data in a report or process can be edited by the role or not.

By default, access to processes in a standard window invoked from a button, is inherited from the permission to the window. So if the role has access to the window, it will be possible to execute all the processes defined in that window regardless there are explicit entry for them in Report and Process Access tab. This default behavior can be changed in two different manners:

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