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After the Production Plan tab is filled out, the Create/Process Production button is clicked to generate the information in this section. Based on the set up of the information in the bill of materials tab of the product combined with the production quantity in the production plan tab, the information of the components to be used and which quantity was generated.
After clicking the Create/Process Production button for the second time, the changes are executed. In the popup the checkbox 'Product quantity must be on stock' can be selected, so the process is only executed if the components are in stock. After successfully processing, the stock of the components decreases and the stock of the bundled product increases.

Bulbgraph.png   Currently, processes involved in the Bill Of Materials Production does not support negative stock. For this reason, if the checkbox 'Product quantity must be on stock' is not selected and there is not enough stock of the consumed products, the available quantity in stock will be used to fill the quantities in the [I/O Products] tab lines.
Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0RR19Q2.

There is a check named Force Use Of Warehouse Of Selected Storage Bin When enabled, the same Warehouse of the selected Storage Bin will be used to retrieve the stock to be consumed. If it is not enabled, the process will take into account all available Warehouses for the set in the header of the Document.

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