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This tab will only be available when field Is Price Rule Based is selected. This tab gives the possibility of adding Service Price Rules to the Service starting from a certain date.

Price Rule Version Tab.png

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0RR19Q1.

Also in this window it is possible to define a maximum and minimum amounts that will be taken into account when showing services.

Those amounts define an interval between product prices so that the service will only be available to be added in case the sum of the selected products is between the interval.

For services of quantity rule: Unique Quantity the quantity of the line matters, as it will be only added one service.

For services of quantity rule: As per Product the quantity of the line does not matter, only matters the price of the product as there will be added as many services as products are selected. Indeed only if all the products prices are between the tranche the service will be shown.

Also if once a service (not yet delivered) has been added to the receipt, the price of the related product changes, a validation will be triggered, and in case the service no longer meets the tranche rules, it will be removed from the current receipt and a pop up will be shown saying so.

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