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Product Price with Exceptions creation:


As shown in the picture above, the product price exception can be created by entering the below information:

  1. Organization is mandatory
  2. Valid from and Valid to dates determine the duration this price will be available
  3. Unit Price is the standard price that will be applied to the product when used in the transaction


How this affects the POS flows?

This new price exception will override the existing defined product price when the date criteria apply. In case there are two valid exceptions the price to be applied is the lowest organization in the hierarchy for the Touchpoint the user will login to.

For example: If the user login to Touchpoint VBS-1 which belongs to Vall Blanca Store and there are three Product Price Exceptions defined, one for White Valley Group, Vall Blanca Store, and South West Zone, and all of them are valid exceptions; In this case Vall Blanca Store price exception will be applied.

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