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A Process Group is a set of processes sorted in a certain sequence. Process Group (Header): Contains information about the process group.

Process Group Options

There are a couple of options that can be selected defining a Process Group


Prevent Concurrent Execution of a Process Group

As the Prevent Concurrent Executions of a single process, mark the Prevent Concurrent Executions check-box in a Process Group means that just before launch an execution of a Process Group the system will check if there is another instance of the same Process Group running (for the same Client and same Organization). If there is, the system will abort the execution and will show an error message in the log: Concurrent attempt to execute

Stop the group execution when a process fails

By default, if a process that is part of a Process Group fails, the following processes will be executed.

Marking this check-box "Stop the group execution when a process fails" the execution of following processes will be aborted in case of a process failure.

This option is useful if the processes are dependent between them.

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