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This tab only will be displayed for those lines with a service that is Linked to Product. It will display the related product lines of a service. The grid has the same fields that the Pick & Edit used to add the lines. This tab is not editable.

Related Products Tab.png

In order to relate product lines to service lines a new button has been added in Sales Order line tab. This button will be displayed when a line with a Service Linked to Product is selected.

Select Order Line.png

Clicking on the button will display a Pick & Edit showing records of the same order of products that could be related to the service. By default is shows records of the same order, but removing the filter expression it will show records of already booked orders that could also be related to the Service.

Select Order Line Pick&Edit.png

For each line selected in this tab a new relation will be created between the service and the selected product line. If a relation already exists it will appear as selected in the grid. To delete the relation just unselect the desired record. Some requirements have to be satisfied in order to be able to create a relation:

It these conditions are not satisfied the selected line will be unselected, not permitting to be selected to relate to the service.

Deferred Sale.png

Deferred Sale Days.png

Fields of the Pick & Edit:

Totals section:

Modify Tax

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0PR19Q2.

If the service is configured to modify tax, new taxes are applied automatically during the operation, so after linked the configured service to a product, the new taxes configuration will be applied.

It is not recommended to modify the tax manually afterwards, as the system can create inconsistencies. It is possible however to remove the service product and then the Tax will revert back to it's original value.

Before adding the service that modify taxes.

After adding the service that modify taxes.

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