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Service Projects does not have phases nor tasks, but is only used to generate a Purchase Order and a Sales Order. For a Service Project, a temporary price list can be created that will be inactivated when the project status is changed to order closed.

A Service Project is used for project related to subcontracting, for instance a construction project where different activities need to be executed by different craftsmen. A service project is used for the biddings that eventually help to determine the contract that will be awarded.

Temporary Price List

When the Create Temporary Price List checkbox in the More Information section of the main screen is selected, a separate Price List especially created for the project will appear in the Sales Order main tab:

and in the Purchase Order main tab:

When the status of the project is changed to Order Closed, the temporary pricelists become inactive. This means they can no longer be selected, but can still be viewed.

Created documents

The Sales Order and Purchase Order are created in draft status. The orders still need to be booked manually by the user.

The created sales order(s) and purchase order(s) have no reference to the Service Project in the Linked Items section. However in the Service Project, in the Linked Items, the created sales order(s) and purchase order(s) are listed.

The fields in the main tab of the service project are used to create a Sales Order for the product appearing in the [Project Line] tab:

In the Amounts section:

In the More Information section:

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