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The tables listed below are the tables suitable to be posted:

Table name Window
FinancialMgmtAmortization Amortization
Invoice Purchase Invoice
Sales Invoice
Order Purchase Order
Sales Order
FIN_BankStatement Financial Account - Bank Statement
FIN_Finacc_Transaction Financial Account - Transactions
FIN_Payment Payment In
Payment Out
FIN_Reconciliation Financial Account - Reconciliation
FinancialMgmtGLJournal General Ledger Journal
MaterialMgmtShipmentInOut Goods Receipt
Goods Shipment
MaterialMgmtInternalConsumption Internal Consumption
MaterialMgmtInventoryCount Physical Inventory
ProcurementReceiptInvoiceMatch Matched Invoices
ProcurementPOInvoiceMatch Matched Purchase Orders
MaterialMgmtInternalMovement Goods Movement
MaterialMgmtProductionTransaction Work Effort
Bill of Materials Production
FinancialMgmtBankStatement Old payment flow - Bank Statement
Set to Active = No
FinancialMgmtCashJournal Old payment flow - Cash Journal
Set to Active = No
FinancialMgmtDPManagement Old payment flow - Debt-payment management
Set to Active = No
FinancialMgmtSettlement Old payment flow - Settlements
Set to Active = No

For instance the records of the table "FinancialMgmtAmortization" are the amortization transactions which can be posted.

The way to get that the records of the tables above can be posted is to set the "Active" check-box of these tables as "Yes".

There is a flag named "Disable for Background" next to each table above which allows that a given table is not taken by the Accounting Background Process.

In other words it is possible to configure that the transactions related to a given "Table", for instance the "Invoice" table, are not taken by that process therefore will not be automatically posted.

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