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One of the first things to do while creating or importing a product into Openbravo is to inform Openbravo about:

  1. the initial Cost of the products if any, by entering it in this tab.
    Keep reading to learn how to do it.
  2. and the initial Stock of the products if any, by creating and booking a Physical Inventory.

Overall this tab allows to:

Same way either a "Standard" or an "Average" Costing Rule needs also to be defined for the Organization as the way to calculate the cost of the products' transactions within that organization.
Average algorithms override the behavior of the "Default Cost" method prioritizing the use of the current "Average Cost" if any.

If the Openbravo instance has been upgraded and therefore migrated from a version prior to 3.0 MP13 the costs calculated by the "legacy" engine are also visible here.
It is possible to recognize them by their cost type:


If the Openbravo instance has not been upgraded, "Cost type" is set as "Average".

Product Costing Tab.png

The way to define the Cost of a product implies to enter below detailed information:


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