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Each stage of the production process is defined as an operation.


Name: name of the operation
Activity: activity that is executed during the operation
Estimated Time: information entered by the user to indicate what the estimated time in hours is to execute the operation.
Cost Center Use Time: estimation of how long the cost center will be used during the operation
Preparation Time: time indication of any preparations needed for the operations
Description: note field
Multiplier: indication of how many times the operation has to be executed in one production run
Empty cells are zero checkbox: selection has the result that when the Work Requirement inserts the process plan information, the quantities on the products are left zero, so they can be entered manually.
Global use checkbox: when selected the application populates the product in the global use tab of the Work Effort when the create standards process is executed. When the work effort is validated, the application divides the entries in the global use tab between all production runs that use this product. It is inserted as an additional P- in order to be included in costs calculations.
Outsourced checkbox: indication of the operation being executed by a third party
Create Standards checkbox: the process plan is used to automatically generate information about operations and products in a work requirement. From the work requirement, work efforts can be created to document the work executed in production. In order to know what products were involved in the work effort, the create standards process is executed on the work effort. When the Create Standards checkbox is selected, at the moment that work efforts are created from the work requirement, also the create standard process is executed. By default the checkbox is not selected.
The Create Standards process will only complete successfully if there is sufficient stock for the used products (P-) of the operation. The stock has to be in a warehouse that is related to the organization of the Work Requirement.

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