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The information in this tab is mainly used by MRP to process the Manufacturing Plan and Purchasing Plan. The storage bin field is filled out for products in production to indicate the default storage bin the product will be stored in when coming out of production.

  1. Safety stock and Max not reserved stock are 200 and 1000 units, respectively
  2. There are several sales orders to be delivered by 3000 units in total
  3. These sales orders will generate the corresponding purchase orders (pre-reserved) when launching the MRP
  4. There are currently in stock 80 units
  5. When MRP is launched it will create the corresponding pre-reserved and because being after below safety stock it will create another purchase order:
    1. As the Max not reserved stock is defined the system will create a purchase order of 920 units (1000-80)
    2. If this parameter wasn't defined it would work as usual and it would create a purchase order of 120 units (200-80)

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