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In the End Year Close Window all the Years previously created in the Fiscal Calendar Window are shown. Besides those years can be closed in this window.

The records shown in this window are filtered by their "Status" and the "Organization", by showing only the Years which are not closed yet and belongs to the Organization in which the User is logged. These filters can be removed by clicking in the funnel icon.

This Window shows two Tabs. The first Tab shows all the existing Years. Once selected a record in this Tab, the lower tab shows the related Accounting entries, meaning the closing entries generated by the Close Year process as well as the corresponding opening entries of the next year.

This way it is easier and quicker to see the Accounting generated when a Year is closed. More information can be found in the Accounting Tab below.

The way to Close a Year is:

Once done, Openbravo informs that the process has been completed successfully.

All the Periods for that Year and that Organization will be permanently Closed. The way to Undo the Close of the Year is the same, but clicking on Undo Close Year.

2012 Close.png

As shown in the image above, the main fields in this Window are:

Undo Close Year

If a year (i.e 2012) is closed it will not be possible to do any posting within that year unless the "Undo Close Year" process is run for that year.

This process opens the year and all the periods of the year. It also reverts all the ledger entries posted by the end-year close process; therefore closing/opening entries are not shown in the Journal Entries Report anymore, unless the end-year close process is run once again for the year.

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