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The Lines tab is not editable, since the returned lines always come from shipment lines, to avoid:

To enter lines that come from a good shipment you need to click the button P&E.PNG


Things to consider:



A restriction has been added in Pick/Edit Lines Pick&Edit in order to prevent adding not “Returnable” service lines to Return From Customer document.

RFC Not Returnable.png

To enter lines that don't come from any document present in the system you need click the button Button orphanline.JPG

Bulbgraph.png   Since this flow is not common the button is hidden by default. In order to display it, it is necessary to configure a preference named RM Allow Orphan Line. To do so go to the preference window and select it from the list. The value must be Y. Then log out and log in


Things to consider:

This flow (Insert orphan line) does not support products with attributes

Bulbgraph.png   Note:To edit a line you need to click again the Pick/Edit Lines button and the line appears selected and then you can modify any of the editable fields
Bulbgraph.png   Note:To delete a line you need to unmark the line and then click Done

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