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For more details please review the accounting article.

A "Goods Receipts" can be posted if the "MaterialMgmtShipmentInOut" table is set to Active for accounting in the Active Tables tab of the organization's general ledger configuration.

A "Goods Receipt" posting looks like:

Account Debit Credit Comment
Product Asset Receipt Line Cost Amount Oner per receipt line
Non-Invoiced Receipts Receipt Line Cost Amount Oner per receipt line

Posting a "Goods Receipt" requires to have the cost of the product/s contained in it calculated.
In the case of a goods receipt that is:

If there is no a related purchase order the Costing Server process uses the newer of the following three values:


Once the costs have been calculated, the Goods Receipt can be posted to the ledger.

In the case of a receipt containing "Expense" product/s do not having the "Sales" checkbox selected, it is possible to use the product's purchase price instead of the product's cost to post the goods receipt.
This scenario works if the checkbox Book Using Purchase Order Price is selected for the product/s.
In this case it is obviously required that a "Purchase Order" is related to the "Goods Receipt" being posted.


It is possible to totally void a goods receipt, by using the header button "Close" and then selecting the action "Void".
This action creates a new document that reverse the goods receipt.

Void action allows to specify a "Void Date" and a "Void Accounting Date" of the new document:

Both fields above take original document dates as default date and validate that the dates entered are not prior to the "Movement Date" and the "Accounting Date" of the Goods Receipt, respectively.

Void action implies that:

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