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For more details please review the accounting article.

A "Goods Shipment" can be posted if the "MaterialMgmtShipmentInOut" table is set to Active for accounting in the Active Tables tab of the organization's general ledger configuration.

Goods Shipment posting creates the following accounting entries.

Posting record date: Accounting Date.

Account Debit Credit Comment
Product COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) Shipment Line Cost Amount One per Goods Shipment Line
Product Asset Shipment Line Cost Amount One per Goods Shipment Line

Posting a Goods Shipment requires to have the cost of the product/s contained in it calculated.
In the case of a goods shipment that is the average or the standard cost calculated depending on the Costing Algorithm used.


Once the cost have been calculated, the Goods Shipment can be posted to the ledger.

Automatic Invoice from Goods Shipment

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0PR19Q1.

When completing a goods shipment the confirmation popup will show a checkbox called Invoice if possible. If checked, the UI will allow the user to enter a valid Price List, Invoice Date and whether to complete or to leave as draft the new created sales invoice.


The lines not linked to a sales order will be always automatically invoiced. For the lines linked to a sales orders their respective invoice terms will be taken into account, thus generating the invoice lines only for the valid order lines. In both cases only the non-invoice-yet quantity will be invoiced.

Besides, the window shows a new button Generate Invoice from Shipment which allows the user to invoice the goods shipment at any time as long as the goods shipment is not fully invoiced yet. The Invoice Date, Price List and Process Invoice fields are also provided in this process following the same logic explained above.

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