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The Lines tab is not editable, since the lines always come from return to vendor lines, to avoid:

To enter new lines you need to click the button P&E.PNG


Things to consider:





Bulbgraph.png   Note:To edit a line you need to click again the Pick/Edit Lines button and the line appears selected and then you can modify any of the editable fields
Bulbgraph.png   Note:To delete a line you need to unmark the line and then click Done
Bulbgraph.png   Note:If there isn't enough available stock for a product in a selected line, then will be possible to define a Ship Quantity and select it, if exists at least one storage bin with overissue inventory status for the Return To Vendor Shipment's warehouse, and in this case the new line will be use it as storage bin and it will create a negative stock when the document be processed


The RTV shipment can be posted if the table "MaterialMgmtShipmentInOut" is active for accounting in the corresponding general ledger configuration

To learn more visit the Active Tables article.

Most cases the accounting manager should be the one to decide whether to post RTV shipment or not, as well as get them posted unless the background process is activated.

To learn more about the Background Process, visit Process Request.

A "RTV shipment" posting looks like:

Account Debit Credit Comments
Product Asset Product Cost x Movement Quantity One per RTV shipment line
Non-Invoiced Receipts Product Cost x Movement Quantity One per RTV shipment line

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