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The reservation header defines each reservation. First is defined the Organization where the reservation is done and the Product and Quantity desired to be reserved. When the reservation is for a Sales Order line these fields are inherited from the line. Later is defined the owner of the reservation, currently it is only possible to define Sales Order lines. If this is left blank the reservation is considered a System reservation where the owner is the Organization. Finally is possible to define certain dimensions to restrict the stock that can be used to fulfil the reservation:

Notice that it is only possible to select warehouses that are defined as on hand warehouses of the organization and storage bins that belong to them.

The reservation might have different statuses:

A reservation has 3 main quantities:

Determines the quantity that is desired to be reserved. If the reservation is related to a Sales Order line this quantity must be the same than the Ordered Quantity.
Reserved Qty
Is the total quantity that is really reserved. When there is not enough stock available it is possible to have a lower Reserved Qty than the Quantity.
Released Qty
Is the quantity that has been delivered and released from the reservation. When a Good Shipment for a reserved Sales Order is processed the Released Qty of the reservation is increased by the delivered quantity.

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