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Some countries such as Spain or France require that a specific chart of accounts is used in the statutory books, therefore the authorities can see the same list of accounts and the same level of detail in the P&L and Balance Sheet. In that case Openbravo provides a "Localization Pack" which includes the Statutory Chart of Accounts.
For instance, the Spanish Localization Pack includes

After installation, the Charts of Accounts are available for selection during the Initial Client Setup and the Initial Organization setup.

On the other hand, some countries such as USA do not require that specific level of detail, each organization define the chart of accounts that best suits their practices.
In that case Openbravo provides a Generic Chart of Accounts module which delivers a standard list of accounts which can be evolve for the organization's needs. After installation, the generic Chart of Accounts is available for selection during the Initial Client Setup and the Initial Organization setup.

As explained in the Chart of Accounts Module article, a chart of accounts module basically includes a csv file which contains the account tree structure.
In Openbravo that creates:

It is important to remark that it is not possible to apply a Chart of Accounts in the Enterprise Module Management window because a Chart of Account is not a dataset but a csv file.

If the legal entity has already be created, the chart of accounts can be imported by using the Import Data module, this module allows to import products, business partners and accounts among others.

Additionally, a csv file can be imported while running the Initial Client Setup or while running the Initial Organization Setup if the checkbox "Include Accounting" is checked, therefore the csv file or accounting file can be selected.

Finally, a chart of accounts can also be created manually, regardless it is recommended to start from a sample chart of accounts like the generic one and evolve it for the company’s needs rather than starting from scratch.

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