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The Manufacturing Plan suggests work requirements and requisitions that need to be created and by clicking a button these docoments are created automatically.
In the main section of the document the information of what needs to be planned and for which time period is entered. By clicking the process button the MRP process creates the lines in the plan with information of supply and demand:

The information that is listed depends on the planning method used for the product.
The MRP process balances the demand with the supply, taking into account the dates of both and based on this information suggests work requirements and requisitions to be created. The generated lines can be updated manually. Also, changes to demand and supply can be made and the plan recalculated to see a new plan.
The Manufacturing Plan shows the demand for raw material that is required for the suggested work requirements and suggests requisitions without reviewing the supply and demand for the raw material. Once the requisitions are completed by the planner, they are input to the Purchasing Plan to calculate if any purchase orders need to be placed.
Once the plan is as desired, by clicking different buttons the work requirements and requisitons are created automatically.

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