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Manual Upgrade From 2.50


Manual Upgrade from sources is only recommended for advanced users.

Please don't do it unless you understand what you are doing.

MMC Upgrade is the recommended upgrade path and will perform all these steps transparently.

Manual Upgrade from sources

 hg clone openbravo30
 hg tags         --to see which is the latest version
 hg up 3.0RC4    --change RC4 with the latest version
 cd yourInstanceDirecotry
 cp -r modules ../modules
  cd ../modules
  ls -1 openbravo30/modules/ | xargs rm -r
 rm -r org.openbravo.base.seam
 rm -r org.openbravo.client.freemarker
rm -r org.openbravo.quickstarttwo/ 
rm -r org.openbravo.quickstarttwo.datasets/
  cp -r * openbravo30/modules/ 
 cd openbravo30
 ant setup
 cd config
 ant update.database trl.lib wad.lib compile.complete.deploy

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