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Master Data India


The Masters module as the name suggests provides basic data and functionality that is required for various India Localization features.

This module is a part of the "Professional" edition of India Localization Pack.

This module allows to capture:

1. Financial data for Indian Taxation purpose, as additional fields are added to the Organization, Business Partner and Products windows.

2. the Excise Category : Based on the type of products, Indian Government has defined approximately 100 "Chapters" and their "Subheadings" related to Excise.

As per Indian Government Taxation standards, if a client or an organization is into manufacturing, then based on the type of the parts, they can be classified under a particular Chapter and Subheading.

User can use "Excise Category" to define the Chapters and Subheading.

3. the ST Code List : Once the Service Tax reference data is applied, this window displays the list of Service Tax Codes used in Indian Tax Calculations.

User can also add new Service Tax Code to the existing list.

4. the Commissionerate: For each zone in a state, a Commissionerate is defined. The main purpose of Commissionerate is to ensure that all the grievances and queries regarding the tax payments are addressed.
The tax payments have to be made under this Commissionerate. So based on the Organization's location, a Commissionerate will be defined. This window allows the user to set up a Commissionerate for the organization.


for additional information, please review the Master Data User Manual

Available Versions

Dated on 21-05-2013 the first reviewed version of this module (1.2.1) is published in "QA Approved" maturity status to be installed in Openbravo 3 MP21.

Release Date Module Version Number Openbravo Version Number Forge Link
21-05-2013 1.2.1 3.0.0 MP21 India Localization Masters

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