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Matching Algorithm

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Openbravo allows to reconcile deposit and withdrawal transactions of a financial account in two ways:

  1. Automatically by matching up the bank statement lines (imported or not) with the financial account transactions.
    This scenario obviously requires a matching algorithm which drives the matching process.
  2. Manually by using the Reconcile process button of the financial account window.
    This way of reconciliation does not require a matching algorithm.

Openbravo delivers out of the box the "Standard" matching algorithm which can be found and configured in the Matching Algorithm window.

Matching Algorithm

The matching algorithm window lists and allows to configure the algorithm/s to use while matching up bank statement lines with financial account transactions.

As shown in the image above the "Standard" matching algorithm has three checkbox which allows to configure the financial account transactions matching process:

It is possible to select all above checks at once or just some of them in order to configure how to get a strong match.

Full list of Matching Algorithm window fields and their descriptions is available in the Matching Algorithm Screen Reference.

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