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Module:Integration With Azure Blob Storage


This module provides an attachment method alternative to core attachments that stores attachments in Azure Blob Storage service.

It is possible to add, update and remove attachments by handling the as objects stored in Azure Blob Storage.


The configuration to handle the integration with Azure Storage is done in the same way as any attachment method: Through the Attachment Configuration window. This configuration is done at Client level.

To configure the new attachment method, the Files stored in Azure Storage platform option must be selected as the attachment method and the active checkbox must be checked.


When selecting this option a new field will be shown and needs to be filled in:

To create an Azure Storage Configuration, a new record should be created in the Azure Storage Configuration window, this is accessible from the top menu.

AzureStorageConfiguration SharedKey.png

In this window there are some common fields and others that depend on the chosen authentication method:

AzureStorageConfiguration SAS Authentication.png

Migrate Process

There is a new process that is able to migrate attachments from core attachments to Azure storage attachments.

Azure Migrate Process.png

A new field Azure Migration Process Max. Time (minutes) has been added to choose the maximum time a migration process can take in minutes.

By default the maximum time is set to 1 hour. If set to 0 there is no maximum time, so it will keep migrating until it finishes or the process is stopped manually or by a server timeout/error.

If a migration takes more time than the maximum time set, it stops at the given maximum time and can be rescheduled to keep going from where it left when stopped. The same can be applied in case of timeout or error in the migration process, no core attachments get lost on timeout or failure because those don't get deleted until they are already uploaded to Azure Blob Storage.

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