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Module Monitor

Openbravo 3 Monthly Module Monitor Reports

The Openbravo Module Monitor Report provides information on native Openbravo module publishing activity, with a focus on Openbravo 3. Openbravo's global ecosystem is busy around the clock creating, testing, and publishing modules, and this report allows you to keep tabs on it all.

Use it to monitor the module development pipeline to understand what is available by Maturity Status (General Availability, Controlled Release, Test)--to see what is ready for you to use, and what is coming down the pipe. Click on a module to find more details in the corresponding Openbravo Forge project. From the project home page, check out any project News, sign onto Openbravo Forge to ask questions in the Forums, and review the documentation in the project’s Wiki.

Below is a log of the reports, which are run monthly, and published for the previous months. To automatically receive this report the first week of every month, along with Openbravo's synopsis of the highlights, please click here to add your email address to our mailing list, and make sure that the check box about Technical Product Updates is checked! After clicking on one of the links below, please click File, then Download to download the report.

For a full list of Openbravo Modules, please visit the Openbravo Forge Module List.

* 2012-04 (April 2012)
* 2012-03 (March 2012)
* 2012-02 (February 2012)
* 2012-01 (January 2012)
* 2011-12 (December 2011)
* 2011-11 (November 2011)
* 2011-10 (October 2011)
* 2011-09 (September 2011)
* 2011-08 (August 2011)
* 2011-07 (July 2011)
* 2011-06 (June 2011)
* 2011-05 (May 2011)
* 2011-04 (April 2011)

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