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Modules:Active Discounts Popup



Active Discounts Popup is a commercial module that allows the WebPOS to show a popup at the time of paying in case some discounts are available but not applied. Specifically this module allows to:

To this end, a new checkbox, Alert in WebPOS, is added to Discounts and Promotions window where it is especified whether the popup should be shown or not.

Bulbgraph.png   Note: The following functionality will be available starting from 3.0RR14Q4


In order to use these pop-ups it is necessary to set the Alert in WebPOS checkbox to true, as shown in the next image:

Alert in Web POS check

Once this checkbox is set for a specific discount, while paying a ticket in WebPOS, if the discount can be applied (e.g. the ticket net ammount exceeds the value defined in a discount of type Free Products per Total Amount) but the free product has not been introduced in the ticket, an informative pop-up will be shown.

Use Case

We will go through a real example to see how this module works.

First of all, we define a new discount and set the Alert in WebPOS check to true.

Discount Definition

Next, we define the products included in the discount.

Discounted Products

We open the Web POS and create a new ticket. We add the products that will enable the discount


If we hit the payment button the system will check the available discounts and open the pop-up showing the available (but not applied) discount.

Active Discounts Popup

From here we can go back to the ticket and add the missing free product, or continue the payment process and go to the payment screen.

Bulbgraph.png   New functionality starting from 3.0RR14Q4

Starting from 3.0RR14Q4 this module will have the capability to add the free products directly from the popup. To that end the popup design is modified to fit a checkbox that will add the correct amount of free products to the ticket when it's checked, and remove the same amount if the checkbox is unchecked.

In addition, if two or more discounts are available, but cannot be added at the same time to the ticket due to discount priorities, adding a product from the popup will lock or disable certain popup lines, ensuring that the products added from the popup don't change the total amount of the ticket.

Disabled Discounts

Active Discounts Pop-up and Best Deal Case

Bulbgraph.png   Applies only starting from 3.0RR14Q4

This module can be used alongside the Best Deal Case module, with the following considerations:

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