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Modules:Analytics Caching Process

Mondrian Cache Preload

When working with environments with large amounts of data, performance of Analytics Module might suffer.

This can be alleviated by scheduling the Mondrian Cache Preload Process.

When working with Analytics, if a Query takes too long to be executed, the System takes notice of it, and saves the Query in a Table. This means that while the user is working with Analytics, the System will learn which Queries are the ones that the user relies on and are affecting performance.

This knowledge can be used to preload the information the user is going to need in a moment where the System is not heavily used, for example at night. The result is that the user will experience a fast response to it's Queries, and the System will not be affected by heavy Queries while it is needed the most.

For Scheduling the Process:

  1. As Client Administrator go to Process Request Window.
  2. Create a new record.
  3. Set Organization: *, Process: Mondrian Cache Preload and Timing: Schedule.
  4. Set the Schedule Parameters as desired, our recommendation is to schedule the Process for each night.


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