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Mondrian Exception 'pos 64 exceeds capacity 64'

When Saiku does not show any cubes and you see an error like shown below in the log then one of the cubes has too many dimensions, combined with closure tables. Closure tables are used automatically by OB when mapping tree-based entities for example organisation or business partner category.

The only work around is to remove several dimensions from the large cube, i.e. split the large cube in multiple smaller cubes.

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Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: pos 64 exceeds capacity 64

Closure/parent-child not supported in snow-flake

Closure/parent-child relations are not supported correctly in case of snowflake schemas. Note in general snow-flake mappings should be avoided when possible as they result in less performant database queries (many joins).

See here for more information on snowflake schemas.

Also this issue is a blocker for some of the Mondrian snowflake mappings:

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