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Modules:Analytics Security

Security and Access

Security and authorized access to relevant data is of prime importance for any analytics application. Openbravo Analytics makes use of the same security concepts as core Openbravo. Each user has access to a set of entities. When generating the Mondrian mapping the following precautions are taken:

See for example a snippet of generated Mondrian mapping, as you can see organization filtering is present.

<View alias="alias1_1">
select * from c_orderlinetax alias1_2 where alias1_2.ad_org_id in ('E443A31992CB4635AFCAEABE7183CE85','0','DC206C91AA6A4897B44DA897936E0EC3',
'2E60544D37534C0B89E765FE29BC0B43') and (1 = (select 1 from c_tax as t where t.sopotype='S' and alias1_2.c_tax_id=t.c_tax_id))
<Dimension name="salesOrderLine-productCategory" foreignKey="c_orderline_id" caption="Sales Order Line - Product Category">
<Hierarchy hasAll="true" primaryKey="c_orderline_id" primaryKeyTable="c_orderline">
<Join leftKey="m_product_id" rightKey="m_product_id">
<Table name="c_orderline" alias="alias1_3">
alias1_3.ad_org_id in ('E443A31992CB4635AFCAEABE7183CE85','0','DC206C91AA6A4897B44DA897936E0EC3','7BABA5FF80494CAFA54DEBD22EC46F01',

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