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Stored Views

When working with large amounts of data, some queries might not have a great performance, therefore launhing them in the OB Analytics Window might have an impact on the speed of Openbravo itself. So it is not adviced to let average users access to that Window.

It is recommended instead to use that Window to generate the Queries and then let the users see only the results.

In order to do so, there are two additional Windows, one for managing the previously saved Queries, and another one for launching them.

Analytics Queries

When a Query is saved in Saiku (OB Analytics Window), a record is created that can be edited in this Window.

By default the Publish flag is unchecked, by checking it, it will be possible to launch the Query though the Multi-Dimensional Reports Window.

Also, other processes like the ones in the Multi-Dimensional Financial Reports modules can add records to this Window.


Fields to note:

Multi-Dimensional Reports

Through this Window it is possible to launch stored Reports created with Saiku previosly.

In the drop down list the collection of all the saved Reports that are flagged as active and publish will be available to be selected.


By selecting one of them and clicking on the button it will be possible to see the results of the Report.

The resulting Window is a simplified version of OB Analytics, in which the user has access to a more limited set of tools, but it is possible still to export the results to a xls, csv or pdf file or to show them using graphics.


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