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Modules:Analytics Template

Define a new Cube Template

This example shows how to define a new Cube as a Template. It uses the Cube created in a previous example.

Create a Template

This process must be done as System Administrator.

The already existing Cube Definition can be set as a Template by checking the Template flag.

Since the previous Cube had an SQL query based on client data, it must be changed. Instead of the Client Id, in the SQL query can be placed an expression like @ad_client_id@ which will be replace by the actual Client Id.

1 = (SELECT 1 FROM c_invoice i WHERE i.issotrx='Y' AND [alias].c_invoice_id=i.c_invoice_id) AND ad_client_id = @ad_client_id@

The Module, that previously was empty, can be set to a Module in which the Template will be included.


Generate Cubes

When a Module is defined as a Template, a button is shown to generate Cubes with Client data based on the Template definition.

Click on that button and select F&B Client.


Change the role to Client Administrator. In the Cube Definition Window there should be a new record created by the previous process.

This record should have the @ad_client_id@ parameter replaced by the actual Client Id.

If the Module is set, it can be deleted, so this Cube Definition is considered Client data, and is no affected by update/export database.


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